Our Programs & Rates


Boot Camp

A 30 minute class that incorporates functional movements in an intense workout utilizing bodyweight movements, cardio equipment, and light to moderate weight dumbbells and kettlebells. Great for beginners as an introduction to high-intensity interval training, those trying to get back in to training, youth and teens, and those who may be intimidated by barbells and the Olympic lifts.


Basic Training

A 45 minutes class that incorporates the classic strength barbell lifts (squats, presses, and deadlifts) to increase strength and a high-intensity interval workout for cardiovascular health. Perfect for those who have experience training and would like to incorporate some functional fitness high-intensity training, those who have established a base level of fitness through our Boot Camp classes, and anyone who is looking for overall strength and fitness.



A 60 minute class that incorporates high-intensity interval training and a variety of movements including complex gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. Appropriate for those who want the ultimate challenge in fitness. The constantly varying workouts guarantee that everyday will be a new discovery of what your body is capable of.